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IMG_0021 (800x533)The stories of the real Strong Women

Want to know the real stories behind Ellen Canavan in Cut From Strong Cloth and Annie Charbonneau from Last Curtain Call? Book clubs may contact me to set up a  Skype chat. In the meantime, here are a few questions Book Groups might want to use.

  1. In Cut From Strong Cloth – Remember when Ellen was denied the privilege of having her own independent bank account? Have you ever experienced a situation in your own life when you were discriminated against, simply because you were a female?
  2. Do you think that Patrick’s relationship with his mother fueled his jealousy of Ellen?
  3. Philadelphia is often thought of in terms of the historical era of Benjamin Franklin and the Founding Fathers. How did you react to the descriptions of Kensington as the textile center of America in 1860. Did it change your notion of Philadelphia in any way?
  4. Readers often comment on Michael Brady. Is it because he might represent the guy who broke our hearts, when we were young and innocent?
  5. Even though Ellen finds out that Da was not her biological father, how did their relationship contribute to her becoming a strong woman?
  6. In Last Curtain Call – did you learn interesting facts about coal mining in the 1800s?
  7. When you realized what the Curtain Room was, did it change your opinion about any of the female characters?
  8. Herman Schumn represents the worst type of authority figure. How would the story have changed if Schumn were a woman?
  9. What emotions ran through your mind when Annie was trapped in the mine?
  10. The women who held off the mob were never named in any newspapers of their day. Why do you think this was so?