5-Star Reviews for my Strong Women Protagonists

S. Lund ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage) (Volume 1) Historical fiction often makes us ask ourselves how we would have reacted to situations if we had been there. This was especially true reading this book, especially since I love weaving and fibers. Definitely my favorite read this year!

Lynn M. ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage Book 1) Once I started, it was impossible go put down. For strong women, everywhere. This historical selection of family and conflict was engaging the entire story.

Dixie ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage) (Volume 1) Cut from Strong Cloth is one of the best researched historical novels I have read. It is well-written and the characters are three-dimensional personalities with strengths, weaknesses, and unexpected surprises. Ellen was resourceful and intelligent, rebelling against the limitations placed on women by society of the times. She would have done well in today’s world. I recommend this book to anyone who loves strong female protagonists.

Tracy Lawson  ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage Book 1) Well-written and researched historical fiction based on a real woman whose story could easily have been lost to the ages. Sittig constructed the character Ellen Canavan based on her great-grandfather’s first wife, who, though an innovator in the textile trade, could only claim credit through her husband. I like to think the real Ellen was as intelligent, innovative, and strong-willed as her fictional counterpart. Great read!

Alicia A. ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage) (Volume 1) Excellent read!!!! This author brings the characters to life in such a satisfying way to the reader. If you love good historical fiction you will devour this book.

Noreen M McDonald  ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage) (Volume 1) I highly recommend this good read to anyone who loves stories of strong women.

jmar ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage) (Volume 1) Author did a great job. Held the suspense until last!

Therese A. Vanhouten  ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage) (Volume 1) A well-researched historical novel about the textile industry during the early years of the Civil War that focuses on the textile industry. Inspired by family lore about an ancestor, the author spins a fascinating tale about a strong woman determined to make her place in the male-dominated textile industry. The added element of romance make this an instructive yet light summer read.

KD ~ Cut From Strong Cloth (Threads of Courage Book 1) A must read book for fiber artists. Loved reading this story. I did not want it to end. The author did a wonderful job researching the pre-civil war textile history and creating a strong female character with entrepreneurial spirit.