Strong Women


Hi, I’m Linda Sittig and I believe that every woman deserves to have her story told. I am drawn to write about strong women who persevered to make integrity triumph over injustice.

My first novel, Cut From Strong Cloth, is about Ellen Canavan who designed a better way of manufacturing Civil War soldiers’ uniforms. However, the credit went to her husband instead. Next, I wrote Last Curtain Call about Annie Charbonneau, who in 1894 became a champion of miners’ wives subjected to demeaning exploitation. In both stories, Ellen and Annie are real women with faults of their own. They face the ultimate sacrifice while seeking justice.

Because of Ellen Canavan, I started my blog five years ago. I wanted to highlight the stories of other extraordinary women who wanted to make the world a better place. The women I choose are relatively unknown, like Isabelle Romée. But their stories will touch your heart.

              *** Come journey with me***


“Sittig is a master of coal company town writing. I feel I could sit down with her characters and have a conversation with them.” (Last Curtain Call).

                 ~ Homer Hickam, New York Times Best Selling Author of Rocket Boys/October Sky                            

“Sittig brings the past to life with a fascinating look into the textile industry of pre-Civil War Philadelphia and the unshakeable spirit of a young woman who fought to change the status quo.” (Cut From Strong Cloth)

                   ~ Jeanne M. Cumiskey, Director of Fabric                                    Research, Abercrombie & Fitch

“Linda Sittig is a prolific writer who authors compelling stories on her monthly blog. It is a subject she obviously knows well.”

                 ~Bud Hedinger, Radio Host WFLA, Florida

“A fantastic historical story with a strong, determined female lead. I was hooked from the first page!” (Cut From Strong Cloth)

                  ~ Sheri A.,  Five Star Review on Amazon


    Cut From Strong Cloth

Last Curtain Call